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Grand Theft Data

Grand Theft Data v5 (±x)

Published on 2 November 2016


Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

Joseph S R de Saram CISSP provides thought-provoking insights into Military Intelligence and Law Enforcement, how they operate beyond (as opposed to above) the law, and how their various antics foreseeably lead to the destruction of Fundamental Human Rights. Updates are in progress so check back regularly – verified articles end with . Please feel free to LIKE and SHARE


Tania has been reporting a number of unauthorised accesses of her home computer (in Rotherham) over the past few weeks, and I review server logs from time to time in addition.

Yesterday I reset the password for the [email protected] account, an address that is unmonitored and used for internal purposes [only] as we are running with the new domains of course. I have been connecting via POP3 as part of various testing that we are undertaking and in fact I spent time yesterday producing an new document in relation to e-mail procedures.

A few moments ago, I noticed that the server had been accessed in an unauthorised manner, in which my credentials had been obtained [without my permission] and were being fraudulently used to gain access to at least e-mail if nothing else.

The image above demonstrates an actor using IPv4 address attempted to access an e-mail server. Using the POP3 protocol it is easy to remove the e-mails directly from the server and I would not be any the wiser.

A quick trace on the Registrant of the IP address shows Carphone Warehouse Broadband Services in Irlam.

So I wonder who was behind this? Irlam – where’s that – sounds ‘Up North’ somewhere:-

Salford AGAIN?? Did I not publish an article on LinkedIn on 18 September 2016 about inept investigators, as well as the song Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs, which has the lyrics “He painted SALFORD’S Smokey tops” in the very first line? I wonder why I wrote that 🙂

Tania has therefore decided to file a criminal complaint with South Yorkshire Police and I will increase the level of verbose logging on all Rhodium infrastructure. Getting a Norwich Pharmacal Order is extremely straightforward should Carphone Warehouse provide anything less than Full and Frank Disclosure since there is clear criminal cause of action against the user of the IP address.

Once we have the IP address we can simply track back through all them and all the perpetrators until the source is [re]confirmed – I already know who is behind this of course 🙂

And I can do the same for LinkedIn against those people sending contrived messages to me – we will write to them first and if the answer is deficient we will get their communications logs and also get an NPO against LinkedIn itself!!

E-mail Server Issues

Issues such as this the reason why I am not on e-mail presently – if someone sends me an e-mail and the e-mail is directly removed from the server without my knowledge then I will not see the e-mail. And every time I reset the password and then login, after a few hours the server is compromised again.

As such, I am only sending e-mails from my systems here, as I can get delivery confirmation from our servers directly. A copy of the e-mail itself is sitting in my Sent Items folder so that at least I have a copy of it. This does not work for Incoming Mail, as no e-mail will go to my Inbox if it has already been deleted off the server.

However from the perspective of the sender of the e-mail, they will have confirmation that their e-mail has been delivered. Accordingly it would be reasonable for them to expect a response from Rhodium.

I have noticed this issue for some time, and THIS is the reason we have put specific e-mail terms in place, as well as rejecting e-mails that are sent to obsolete addresses and those which are not specifically white-listed. I have communicated these issue to all our contacts via phone and e-mails (yes I have checked the SMTP logs and our messages have been delivered 🙂

Interestingly enough, this parallels the issue with my LinkedIn account below in which people want to send things and confirm that they have sent it and that I have received it. However, if I throw someone a cricket ball, I can guarantee that I have thrown it but not that they have or will catch it. What the perpetrators are doing is fraudulently stating that I am the recipient and I have caught it…

Given the fact that I have not communicated the password to anyone, including Tania, then the primary ways that this could have occurred is via:-

(a) SSL Decryption,

(b) ADSL Interception

Personally, the ADSL linespeed is shocking and nothing close to the bandwidth that should be coming – a poorly configured device between me and the ISP, or at the ISP would account for this. Having worked with people from Law Enforcement, these devices are never as passive as claimed, and the Man-In-The-Middle is always an extra mouth to feed 🙂

And this just happened, which appears to be a Session Hi-Jack:-

The Case Continues…


I have continually referred to the fact that specific evidentiary material that is required for judicial proceedings has been deliberately wiped by parties associated and/or acting as agents for my adversaries.

A classic example of McDonald Slater & Lay’s (“MSL”) / Ian Slater / Simon Thompson’s propensity to pervert the course of justice by their Lawyer’s Constructs and bogus affidavits is presented here. There was a Security of Costs Hearing in February 2014 and ahead of that MSL has produced an affidavit which was classic lawyer’s construct. I have never seen a firm who actively disregards the rule of law – and employs the use of affidavits as a way of attaching credibility to their lies.

I wrote in response to the same ahead of the hearing but they and their Barrister John Werner preferred to perjure themselves in any event. I will explain this matter in more detail later..

However it is clear from this recording that it is in fact MSL is responsible for the lies, and have just fabricated a concept about Rhodium Australia Pty Ltd’s share capital (despite having no evidence).

In my experience it is the actual litigants that instruct the lawyers, not the other way around and MSL have this sad propensity to put words into the mouths of others, and draft affidavits which attempt to achieve the desired result, rather than a factual account of that which actually occurred to their clients! I must add Subornation of Perjury to the list of offences against MSL as we have some very interesting evidence that has been recovered 🙂

Trotters Independent Traders:-

Furthermore, I sent MSL two specific letters in relation to their lies and to this day they have not bothered to respond to either. Interestingly enough, the concepts of my Tax Returns and Defence work is contained in the same.

When I had decided to sue MSL, then that is when they and/or their agents started their smear campaign in August 2015.

Since MSL had no evidence to either substantiate their original bogus affidavit with which they obtained a security of costs or question the veracity of either my defence work and/or tax returns they began the Injurious Falsehoods campaign of branding me a criminal and getting classless individuals (many of those in Sri Lanka) to plant and steal various items. Obviously they were writing to the US State Department and various US Defence Contractors (I was informed) and I know the responses provided by them (if any) would have been the official non-committal ones which prove nothing either way 🙂

This is merely Simon Thompson’s way of producing a lot of irrelevant paperwork with names that allude to some type of importance/credibility for themselves.

Even my own lawyers have been contaminated and I am happy to report that they will receive their just desserts via some new sites which we are launching – once those audio recordings are uploaded then their licence to practise law will be severely compromised.

In fact it is my call recordings that will nail everyone, as well as the various logs we have demonstrating destruction of data from the United Kingdom as well as Singapore. Because our evidence is so powerful, adversaries say that they are fake or that I have edited them – their lies merely demonstrate the sad desperation of criminals 🙂


Another example of destruction of data that is entirely relevant to David Brown / Margaret Cunniffe is their managing of Synergize Consulting Pty Ltd – a company that Rhodium Australia, Dr Daljit Gill and myself have judgments in excess of AUD 1.4 million.

David Brown and Margaret Cunniffe were contracting through Synergize and obtained significant funds from me and Rhodium Australia via theft and unjust enrichment. They instructed us to pay Synergize which confirms the real agreement, not this garbage about the purchase of 56-03 The Sail, which is a red herring. That agreement was superseded obviously 🙂

Whilst the David Brown judgment in the sum of around AUD 300,000 was obtained fraudulently (we are having it set aside in any event) the existence of a massive set-off which dwarfs his judgment is a serious problem for David Brown et al, and especially Law Enforcement who has also bought into the lies.

Rhodium Group restored Synergize Consulting to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (“ASIC”) register around February 2015 and is preparing to sue its previous directors David Brown and Margaret Cunniffe for dereliction of duties and insolvent trading.

However, as part of the Synergize Fraud, David Brown and Margaret Cunniffe controlled Synergize as ‘de facto’ and ‘shadow’ directors respectively and their names did not appear on the ASIC record.

I did however have evidence but their associated parties deleted the files!!

However, today after around 2500 hours I have recovered the previous proof that David Brown was indeed the ‘de facto’ director and ultimately responsible for his failure to address the losses incurred by Synergize.

The screenshots presented here were obtained from one of our own laptops which David Brown and Margaret Cunniffe had been provided with for their contract work through their company Synergize. Software known as Sonar Central obtained the screenshots and evidence was obtained legally – Rhodium Contractor Terms specifically allow this 🙂

David Brown Pay Pal Account

In any event we also have the videos of their LinkedIn profiles, and the references to Synergize have been removed by them. It is a well-known fact that false exculpatory statements is a feature of criminal intent 🙂

November 2016:-

A few days before we commenced action against Synergize in January 2013:-


In view of the foregoing and the files which we have recovered, we have decided to bring charges of Theft, Fraud and Perversion of the Course of Justice and an enormous damages claim against the parties named in this articles.

Obviously all the evidence is not here but it should serve as a warning to others not to get involved with, or to join the cabal of the foregoing.

Should you have issues with any Rhodium entity then simply e-mail the addresses already provided and your matter will be resolved expediently – buying into the lies of these individuals will only result in your involvement in a multi-jurisdictional fraud.

And the irony is that is what these clowns accuse me of – and excellent example of Psychological Projection:-

“Psychological projection is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unconscious impulses or qualities (both positive and negative) by denying their existence in themselves while attributing them to others.”

20161105 UPDATE

I apologise for the typographical and syntax errors in the original post – I was having a ‘bad heart’ day’. I am making the corrections. Today’s update contains screenshots from my ADSL connection and they confirm the same thing.

From around May 2014 I noticed that my ADSL connection appeared to be on a leased circuit and I had millions of files (millions as in literally multiples of 1,000,000) and various items of evidence in my possession before they were conveniently stolen in December 2014 and December 2015.

Data exfiltration on a leased circuit is far more efficient, and it is extremely easy to modify rules in essentially realtime at the UK end. It is easy to see the wallpaper suddenly disappearing, keyboard slowing down for text input, as well as the keyboard layout change from ENG US to ENG UK 🙂

Much of the initial data gathering was blatantly unlawful, enumeration of network/nodes initially, installation of malware, indexing of files, keyword searches against files,

Files that are considered ‘of interest’ to the perpetrators have been copied and the sources often deleted (which facilitate modification at their end and they are able to then produce the only copy, which is not the original). Files which I would rely upon as a defence/counterclaim have been deliberately destroyed – however I have had some luck in recovering some and they will be presented at the appropriate time 🙂

Demonstration of the destruction of data is not difficult, simply because recovered data gives an indication of when files were last modified. If it was not accessible by normal means (via the usual filesystem applications) before the start of the data recovery process though afterwards files are obtained, then destruction is proven.

However. non-deliberate destruction of data can occur inadvertently and slack space often contains file fragments. This brings us onto Intent – often difficult to prove in a straightforward manner by direct means and this is where we have to rely upon circumstantial evidence, and really look at the big picture itself, essentially everything:-

(a) Seemingly unrelated unlawful acts occurring at the same time that would facilitate an Opportunity;

(b) Motives overtly/covertly demonstrated by seemingly unrelated parties.

On this point I can think of an excellent example – 9/11 . I was working on an Algorithmic Trading System (“robot trading”) for three specific clients in the World Trade Center, and my focus was the Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning (“DR/BCP”).

I can recall from direct experience that there was around 0.25 trillion dollars of financial instruments that were coming up for maturity and 9/11 conveniently forced the Securities and Exchange Commission to completely relax its anti-money laundering protocols so that funds could be mobilised with the absolute minimum level of identity verification 🙂

As it happens I think this is the real reason for 9/11 and Mass Electronic Surveillance and Middle East/Oil is secondary to that..

From my own experience, being kidnapped and unlawfully imprisoned in a Psychiatric Facility on 12/17 whilst 10 terabytes of evidentiary data and materials was stolen is the same concept 🙂

Back to the Screenshots

These are the SHA-256 hashes of the ExpressVPN installer as well as the Hashing Tool used, known as Nirsoft HashMyFiles:-

The Activation of ExpressVPN is the time that ExpressVPN detetermines the correct Point of Presence to connect to:-

In this case UK:-

Other UK locations also appear:-

I thought that Sri Lanka was an island off India, separated by about 20 miles but recalling that I obtained an ‘E’ in GCSE Geography I am probably wrong 🙂

India is not nearer because my data traffic tells me that the UK is nearer – India (the obvious choice) has not been selected:-

However what the screenshots demonstrate is that the UK jurisdiction is enlivened as the most appropriate jurisdiction for judicial proceedings to occur. This works nicely in my favour in view of my knowledge of the laws of England and Wales and more importantly the competence of UK lawyers, so that I don’t need to be the lawyer 🙂

Furthermore, should anyone suddenly bring a case against me, they will inextricably link themselves to the various perversions of the course of justice already demonstrated, thereby making elucidation even easier.

I will collapse this case when I am ready, but not yet as this Amateur Night is fun :).

20161102 POST

Investigators are getting desperate, and continually try new methods against me to pervert the course of justice and get the result they desire, rather than the lawful one.

As I have mentioned on previous occasions, my evidence required in judicial proceedings as well as evidence of data destruction and evidence of the exfiltration itself, is continually accessed and destroyed remotely by parties in the United Kingdom, intent on teaching me one lesson or another.

Two things I would say to that (a) I enjoy learning and (b) I am not interested in learning primitive, easily detectable low level techniques from parties with significantly inferior intellect whose flawed conclusions lead them to believe I am a criminal 🙂

Exfiltration also called data extrusion, is the unauthorized transfer of data from a computer. Such a transfer may be manual and carried out by someone with physical access to a computer or it may be automated and carried out through malicious programming over a network.


A few days ago I updated my profile and stated that I was not going to be on LinkedIn until the middle of next month, [because we are seeing who is owed money so we can pay them].

However, my LinkedIn account has been behaving strangely and I made a complaint to LI a couple of days ago:-

Essentially the issue I have is that (a) I don’t read my linkedin messages, yet (the count is going down) and (b) people who I would never add, have added themselves following an invitation from me that I would never have sent!

This means that someone is reading my messages, so that it appears that I have read them. Given the fact that I am under various sad investigations presently this is clearly some attempt to fraudulently obtain substituted service.

Given the fact that I have not actually read them, the parties will tell the Court that I have, then the resulting authorisation for substituted service would constitute ‘fraud on the court’ – not rocket science really 🙂

The following screenshot was obtained:-

The terms referred to are 20160929 meaning 29 September 2016. The e-mailshot itself was sent weeks ago. Yet 3 people write identical messages over 48hrs? All having been read by someone else? And all being after I said I would not be on LinkedIn? I love these Lawyer’s Constructs 🙂

Motive is generally difficult to establish in criminal proceedings but the desperation of prosecutors/investigators after believing the lies of the Melbourne Fraudsters is not my problem.

By way of information Daniel Penney was from Eckington school, always had his white shirt hanging out and dated pretty girls. But I do specifically recall he copied the password and intro screens of my ‘A’-level Computer Studies project ‘System-V’ (a relational database management system running off an Acorn Archimedes A3000) which I complained to Mr Tony Wareham about – I have this thing about people copying my intellectual property and data 🙂

Frank Purcell and Gareth Flanders I don’t know.


So who is reading such messages? Examination of devices is interesting. I recently installed ExpressVPN on a mobile device without a sim – not for the VPN aspect but because they have a feature called Smart Location which enables a person to connect their nearest PoP via their geographical location.

Ironically they do refer to the new reincarnation (the Investigatory Powers Bill) of my ‘old friend’, the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000:-

However Encryption and Mass Electronic Surveillance are not the focus of this post…

I have installed ExpressVPN on a mobile device containing the LinkedIn App (with no sim card I have been continually hacked by IMSI catchers remember, although the wireless connection is coming from an AccessPoint with a 3G data connection, which is hacked from the UK).

Where Am I?

However Encryption and Mass Electronic Surveillance are not the focus of this post…

I have installed ExpressVPN on a mobile device containing the LinkedIn App (with no sim card I have been continually hacked by IMSI catchers remember, although the wireless connection is coming from an AccessPoint with a 3G data connection, which is hacked from the UK).

This once again confirms the issue with IMSI catchers – additionally I have noticed that my 3G Data connection’s usb modems dial-up successfully initially and then drop the connection and appear to be either being called back or having their routing modified in realtime. The perpetrators obviously have experience of Telecommunications, Law Enforcement, and Investigations – and so do I, since I have ghostwritten Expert Testimony in relation to InfoSec Forensics for various criminal matters of a Defence nature 🙂

Who Let the Dogs Out?

First and foremost there are better places to live in than Berkshire and secondly the only time I have been there was when I was dating a girl called Penny around 1994. The relationship did not work out and I subsequently referred to her as the Cow from Slough – but I don’t think she is still pissed off is she?

Also I had been wondering why my Skype calls are being continually cut half way through my conversations – it is clearly based on me using certain words (which I deliberately provide for disinformational purposes).

The deliberate dropping of the call is tantamount to editing my conversations, and using those segments as misleading representations of that which I am actually saying if I was allowed to get the words in. This is just an extension of all the call interception and my words being deconstructed into phonemes to effectively say what ever I am required to say, for fake probable cause.

An excellent example of this is when I am discussing case strategies and obtaining legally privileged advice from lawyers – I will upload those at some point 🙂

So who do I know in Berkshire? Well we did a project for Vodafone in Newbury around 1993/94 in relation to Oracle 6 RDBMS – but no-one comes to mind. So is it a LinkedIn contact?

Given the law enforcement, particularly investigation theme, I reviewed my posts, and only one focusses squarely on Investigators, their flawed conclusions and even names their locations. It is Schrodinger’s Cat from 18 September 2016:-

The Berkshire theme (‘bark’) is contained within ‘Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs‘ and the Cheshire Cat relates to the origin of the surveillance devices in my home – it’s all there, you just need to look and this is not an afterthought 🙂

Reviewing the Analytics for the post we see:-

Looking at the site visits there we see Slough – a good 5% of people. Someone else who I don’t know named David Cannon has chosen to share it:-

Oh wow – what an interesting background David has, didn’t I write above ‘The perpetrators obviously have experience of Telecommunications, Law Enforcement, and Investigations‘.

And he’s from Slough, Berkshire of all places! Excellent experience David, I should try and update mine at some point. David connected with me on 01 September 2016 but shared or liked none of my other posts except that one, either before or since! Maybe he needed to let his pals know that ‘Joe’s on to us’?

Of course it could all be a magical series of coincidences, but my other data which has not been disclosed, demonstrates a statistical infeasibility of anything less than an agenda.


The bottom line is this (a) 3 named people have written the same signature message to me over a 48hr period, (b) there has been interception of data (via session hijacks and/or re-routing of traffic) through Berkshire during the same period, (c) LinkedIn messages from the 3 named people have been ‘confirmed as read’ even though I did not read them and (d) it certainly looks like collusion/conspiracy with perhaps substituted service for something..

Seriously, feel free to hand me any legal documents during my next walk or hand them to my new lawyers…

Eureka Moment

Actually I have only now realised why the previous lawyers Gopal Perumal, Nick Sevdalis, Bill Orow and Katarina Klaric were continually dragging their feet and messing up my cases against Margaret Cunniffe / David Brown / McDonald Slater & Lay and Ahlers / ANZ Bank 🙂

All four were perverting the course of justice by (a) refusing to follow my instructions yet continually representing that they would even after I had got annoyed with them (b) following instructions from third parties which conflicted with me (c) trying to elicit information from me of a defence and tax nature, completely unrelated to the cases that they were handling for me [to be used as probable cause] and (d) by them parking their backsides between me and the Court and then doing nothing of any significance, natural justice and procedural fairness was denied.

It also explains their signature themes (which are jointly flawed) and how their self-serving e-mails did not reflect the actual conversations I had with them (which are on voice-record and will be uploaded) and them concomitantly giving me a bad reputation in relation to a situation that they had themselves fabricated!

Their actual role was to be gatekeepers preventing justice and serve me with documents – I had no idea and terminated their services because of their negligence and frauds, rather than the service issue. The e-mail address issue which was due to a clumsy misconfiguration on my part, took months to resolve and no wonder they were getting stroppy about it, yet having a phone conversation most days. Even in those calls they struggled to deal with my faster thought processes and they had to ‘wait for their phone to ring at their end’ or receive those message updates advising them what to say to me.

I identified issues very early on but the lawyers had no interest in furthering them. Instead they furthered the frauds of their actual instructors to my detriment – as everyone knows getting the identities of those instructors and their instructions via Crime Fraud Exceptions is a straightforward process.

Everyone knows litigation is my favourite indoor sport in any event and I love this stuff, especially if I know the source of the lies/investigation (Margaret Cunniffe) and know that their interpretation and therefore conclusions are plain wrong 🙂

And no wonder Praxy de Saram (“PDS”) was so keen to go and meet all of them face to face, and how the situation deteriorated rapidly after that meeting, in a similar fashion to December 2015 and Edward de Saram and Ray Callingham’s frauds against me!

Perhaps items were shown and discussed confidentially and PDS was reluctant for me to change lawyers as well despite Katerina being rude to her. Fresh lawyers would (a) not want to be a party to the frauds of the perpetrators and (b) the perpetrators have a risk of exposure of trying to get anyone new on-side. Wow!

This is just incredible – I missed this until now. I think it is time for me and Rhodium to flex our muscles 🙂



Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

PS ‘Full and Frank’ disclosure is required, so remember to let your associates know about this post and in fact all my posts here, and all the websites that I publish materials on.

PPS In view of the foregoing it is going to be extremely easy to quash authorisations for interception and surveillance – I’m so excited!