How My Recovery’s Coming HMRC

How My Recovery's Coming HMRC

How My Recovery's Coming HMRC (±x)

Published on 3rd May 2017


Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

Joseph S R de Saram CISSP provides thought-provoking insights into Military Intelligence and Law Enforcement, how they operate beyond (as opposed to above) the law, and how their various antics foreseeably lead to the destruction of Fundamental Human Rights. Updates are in progress so check back regularly – verified articles end with . Please feel free to LIKE and SHARE



20170503 INITIAL

I have been scanning drive surfaces continuously for nearly 500 days solid. It is an extremely laborious process and the main issues are drives overheating, and a massive concomitant reduction in speed.

I am unable to derive an income because (a) people wiped my data and (b) I am spending hours on this process. Clearly a claim would be acceptable for me to be restored to my original position, BUT FOR the antics of Edward de Saram and Gang.

Tools of the Trade

There are few tools that I have used over the years and I find EnCase Forensic the best for really hardcore assignments although I have not used it for a few years. However an extremely good product for straightforward data recovery off drive surfaces is R-Studio. The Network version is only USD 179.99 and I have found that the results are excellent.

Heavily Messing Rhodium’s Cases – HMRC

It’s really not looking good for HMRC as they are connected in so many ways to the theft of my evidence as well as destruction of data – and I am analysing evidence that their mobile forensics peeps (with the Tonbridge / Chemical Company connection) may have been the ones with the IMSI catchers…

Given the fact that HMRC are the party that processes HMRC forms, then my conclusions would be some cause of action involving HMRC, or a third party that wishes to bring a Private Prosecution against me, or as the investigative phase of a major case.

Full and Frank Disclosure

FaFD is a two-way street – I have evidence to demonstrate that the various warrants are deficient in so many ways, and of course the Parallel Construction which destroys the evidentiary trail for my opponents.

and I too have to ascertain the asset position as best as possible

Full and frank disclosure is the first commandment

In protection of the first commandment – the Court’s duty to draw adverse inferences. In the most recent judgment in the case of Al-Baker v Al-Baker [2016], deputy High Court Judge, Nicholas Cusworth QC hearing the case, drew adverse inferences in assessing the extent of the matrimonial pot, where the husband had failed to provide full and frank disclosure of his assets in financial remedy proceedings....

which is exactly that which I am doing too:-

By obtaining full independence in quantifying the accounting position:-

(a) my own assets are located and quantified (if they were to be frozen);

(b) the Rhodium accounting position (which confirms that I am completely correct and the balance sheets and/or income are valid and do not contain toxic and/or non-existent assets, as retards claim);

(c) the monies fraudulently-obtained by the Melbourne Fraudsters; and

(d) the quantification of damages against various parties such as Ahlers and Simon Vincent Breguet Thompson;

will all be confirmed – surely only a good thing. In fact those parties who are debtors of mine mean that their debts are my assets and any enforcement against me will only result in enforcement against them – something they have obviously not considered 🙂

And allowing overseas structures to be owned and/or controlled by UK entities is another good thing:-

(e) it facilitates the seizure/confiscation of the frozen assets in (a) and/or (b);

(f) allows me to have sufficient security for costs within the jurisdiction to go and hammer everyone in the most spectacular fashion possible 🙂

Clearly it is I who enjoys the stronger position and I am a great proponent of the doctrine of ‘Clean Hands’ in any event.

Every call that I have nowadays with everyone is designed to obtain some evidence – too little too late because I have evidence which will demolish any cases brought – and that is despite people stealing my immunity documents which is completely unfair and another classic perversion of the course of justice.

Ray Callingham and Beeley Hawley & Co

Ray Callingham was pushed by Edward de Saram and Praxy de Saram as the person who should provide the book-keeping service in order to regularise our accounts. Additionally he was responsible for the incorporation of three new entities in the UK, that I and other entities could transfer assets to.

I knew from the first trip that he was acting in the capacity of an Agent of Law Enforcement (“LE”) but it did not bother me, as I thought he would actually do some work. I recall he was asking me about various lawyers and banks and it was clear even from then that he was merely asking for my support infrastructure, so that Investigators could make a nuisance of themselves – which of course they did.

[insert evidence]

Even before he came, him sending me an e-mail telling me where I lived confirmed LE involvement – often parties get obsessed with documenting names of software during conversations, as well as addresses, amounts, urls so that it is confirmed. Many people started repeating that which I had said to them and it became really irritating.

[insert evidence]

One thing I noticed that Ray was really annoyed about was that he forgot to bring the HMRC Agent form on the first trip. He made such a fuss about it I wondered what the issue was because there were no sales in the UK or anticipated sales in the foreseeable future. We were in the process of obtaining asset inventories and missing paperwork for non-UK entities in any event.

[insert evidence]

Around November 2015 Ray and Kim Worrall were coming to scan the documentation and then work on them, since Joanne Cochrane and Kalasegaran Genkatharan (who are directors of Rhodium Australia Pty Ltd and Rhodium Singapore Pte Ltd had done f*** all during my heart issues).

I had been putting money into entities that I did not control and following their instructions to my detriment – my loan accounts are massive in fact, and I am owed tens of millions of dollars via my role as Financier! I have too much ‘skin the game’ to let this ‘one go through to the keeper’ 🙂

As Ray did not want to come unless it was Business Class, and I politely declined since Praxy de Saram was paying for the tickets. I recall he was adamant about Business Class. However he suddenly changed his mind and he and Kim were scheduled for the visit. I wondered why and when he came it was evident.

[insert evidence]

From the moment he came on 28 November 2015, I noticed Electromagnetic Emanation from the pair of them, in particular I thought it was Kim. Kim looked at me intently whilst I was speaking without moving her head, and Ray looked down. This is classic surveillance, in which two people have a conversation but only one looks – they also sit in a non-parallel fashion which caused to me to rotate my head continually. It was painful because of the recent accident and I am sure she was recording video 🙂

This is the part where I was talking about ‘Police Informant’ and work in which I ghostwrite Expert Testimony’ and I obviously recognised the surveillance so deliberately talked about a whole host of ‘key’ areas, such as Iain’s Jones’ case with his bank statements

[insert evidence]

(it reminded me of a project I did and I only realised when explaining it to Ray, and I was genuinely shocked):-

and the lights flickered EXACTLY as I predicted when I used keywords. Ray and Kim responded by saying ‘Kim did you see, that, the light flickered’ or words to that effect – classic LE!

Ray then wanted me to sign the HMRC Tax form – he wanted me to simply sign it and write nothing else, and he seemed agitated when I wanted to fill even Beeley Hawley on it etc. This confirmed that he wanted to keep options open or he was bringing the form for another party.

Ray continually told me that he would complete the other sections. The conclusion that could be drawn was that he was not the ultimate user of the Authorisation, and it was going to be completed with different information and faxed to third parties in multiple jurisdictions – really not rocket science. If he was the ultimate user he would have already completed the information. In fact he had one photocopy with all the information filled in but the original was blank – how could he then no know the information?

Data Recovery

In December 2016 I recovered the Beeley Hawley Audio and Video recordings – another one of those great mysterious of life is how they too have been deleted during Edward de Saram’s clean-up operation – there are some duplicates here and I am still recovering data. The updated screenshot will appear later

These audio recordings (hundreds of them) confirm the [fraudulent] misrepresentations made by Ray ahead of the visits, the deliverables he promised but reneged on, and most importantly confirms lack of a genuine interest to regularise our accounts. A simple Private Prosecution to recover the monies arising from Ray’s fraud would be good as I can get him into court for cross-examination.

As the calls went on, it became more of him wanting certain items in his particular order, rather than him doing the work thoroughly and obtaining the items in any event, but merely not in his order…

Around August 2016 I found the audio recordings of special interest, in which Ray asked me to sign the HMRC Authorisation on 29 November 2015, and I am in in the process of re-analysing these:-

Ray’s instruction to me was “Don’t date it because if they lose it then I will need to submit another one later on” – excuse me? What utter bullshit! If Ray has to submit another one later on then it would need to be another original.

Ray had to submit the original in order for it to be valid so how will not dating it make the slightest bit of difference. Why does Ray think HMRC will lose it? Or is it going to be a template with my signature on for every Corporate Entity and Trust, the number yet to be determined!! Seems like the ‘Gift that keeps on giving’! Basically the fraud would have been me sign the blank HMRC form which could be colour scanned and e-mailed all over the place.

Not wishing me to date it would have given two options of either 28 November 2015 or 29 November 2015, if the audio evidence and discussions from the previous day were going to be used. Classic Police and/or HMRC investigation thrown in 🙂

Ray had a bizarre interest in Taxation, Income and Payments, despite the fact that he is not qualified and/or licensed to give Taxation Advice for any of the jurisdictions in question. We had not even started the bookkeeping yet so how is taxation relevant? I had not earned for years so how was Income relevant? It was tiring though I was still polite (very unusual of me) after I cleverly identified his fraud 🙂

So I asked for the forms back, after Ray confirmed that they were effectively obsolete:-

And Ray was reluctant to, saying “Let me copy it as that will give me some information.” What information – the only thing is essentially my signature. Another bullshit excuse since it was he who typed the document and therefore he had his information already. I knew that that the form was going to be amended continually and faxed to third parties!

And of course the existence of a VAT Investigation against me in the late 1990s would allow my enemies to gather information and go on a fishing trip – Margaret Cunniffe is the liar at the heart of all this, obviously, and she does not know the actual position!

So after a while I simply told him that I knew what was going on. His guilty responses and how he subseqently slinked away was funny, but to truly appreciate you really had to have been there 🙂

This is still being written but I have tonnes of evidence and it will be ‘hammer time’ sooner rather than later 🙂



Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM