US Marines Also Suffered Data Rape

US Marines Also Suffered Data Rape

US Marines Also Suffered Data Rape (±x)

Published on 30th June 2017


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On 20 June 2017 I wrote the following article about a technique that I had coined ‘Data Rape’:-

The main thrust of the article was to demonstrate that I had been incapacitated on 22 October 2015 for the specific purpose of gaining access to Rhodium systems and to set up my home for electronic surveillance.

One of other references was another article that I had written involving the CIA.

Theft of Military Intelligence and Data

As it happens, this Data Rape method is a textbook technique which the CIA, various military agencies and even terrorists use as well. I have been looking for an article which confirms this technique being used by or against military personnel and I have located the following from the Miami Herald:-

The key paragraphs of this article are:-

“The report recommended that Marine Col. Roger T. McDuffie, a Harrier pilot who serves as the chief of operations at the unit known as MARFORSOUTH; Maj. Andrew L. Mueller, described as a theater security cooperation planner; and Maj. Mauricio Saenz, exercise planner, face “appropriate administrative or judicial proceedings.”

All three officers were involved in operational strategies.

“The investigation noted that at the start of their trip the Marines were briefed on “the specific hazard associated with local nationals utilizing the drug scopolamine to incapacitate and rob their victims.” It also found that, while all members of the delegation had taken Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape or SERE training, Mueller had not taken Anti-Terrorism Level 1 training, a prerequisite for travel to Colombia.”


“Somewhere along the way, according to the report, two of the men were slipped benzodiazepines, probably in their drinks. And all three drank aguardiente, a highly intoxicating Colombian liquor, before returning to their hotel with the four women. Subsequently, someone stole Mueller’s work laptop and iPhone 6 as well as McDuffie’s iPhone 6, all government-issued equipment. Mueller’s personal iPad and iPhone were also stolen, the report said, as were McDuffie’s personal iPhone and iPod and cash.

“It is impossible to know at what point Col. McDuffie and Maj. Mueller were poisoned by their companions or when the drugs took effect,” Farrell wrote in the report. “It is indisputable however that Col. McDuffie and Maj. Mueller placed themselves in a situation that directly resulted in being drugged, robbed, hospitalized and the loss of U.S. government property.”

and finally

Saenz apparently never blacked out and wasn’t drugged, according to the report. But he joined the other two as they “associated with women other than their spouses throughout the night, to include imbibing for a prolonged period of time, dancing with the women in public and being with them privately in their hotel rooms,” the investigation found. “This conduct is prejudicial to good order and discipline and constitutes conduct unbecoming an officer.”


Whilst it is poignant that government-issued equipment and military intelligence was stolen, using the similar method that was used on me on 22 October 2015, that is not the really interesting part of the account…

From the above and in particular the report of Marine Colonel Michael Farrell the theft of ‘Mueller’s laptop’ and the fact that Mueller had not undertaken ‘Anti-Terrorism Level 1 Training’ is something of deep concern to Farrell.

Mueller’s role was ‘theater security co-operation planner’. Theatre Security Co-operation Strategy (“TSCS”) means the documentation of a geographic combatant commander which plans, prioritise, and propose allocation of DoD resources across the full spectrum of military engagement within an area of operations.

Normally, the TSCS is augmented by individual plans for each country, routinely termed country campaign plans. The TSCS responds to the Office of the Secretary of Defence-level Security Cooperation Guidance and, when approved, serves as the roadmap for the execution of security co-operation activities by the combatant command staff, the component commands, and the assigned Security Co-operation Organisations (“SCOs”).

Three officers had gone out drinking yet only two of them were incapacitated. The third one Major Maurico Saenz was unaffected. I find this very odd, and it either suggests that he had foreknowledge of third parties wishing to incapacitate his colleagues, or it was he who incapacitated his colleagues.

Of course perhaps he simply did not drink the specific drinks containing the benzodiazepines but my experience of these types of operations would suggest otherwise.

But in any event if Saenz was with the other officers and “Saenz apparently never blacked out and wasn’t drugged, according to the report. But he joined the other two”, well duh – ask him exactly what happened, and who took the military hardware!! Or perhaps they do not want to know!

Drugs and Terrorism

Given the location of Bogota, Colombia, it would not surprise me about the terrorism aspect and the flow of money.

But in this particular incident which occurred on 03-04 February 2017, my theory is that there may be an ISIS connection and I am wondering if Saenz was a Filipino with Philippine connections?

What’s Long, Hard, and Full of Seamen ?

Obviously the US Marine Corp is a component of the US Department of the Navy, and recently the USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) was involved in a ‘mysterious’ collision with a Philippine-flagged merchant vessel

Additionally the incident appears to have occurred at 01:30 whereas the notification by the crew of ACX Crystal to the Japanese Coastguard around an hour later at 02:20 was the first. The USS Fitzgerald did not communicate the collision for some reason…

The location of the collision appears to be a bit of a mystery but what is absolutely clear is that the US Navy is lying about a few things in relation to it. However from the above chart of the ACX Crystal the sharp right hand turn appears to be it!

What is also absolutely clear is that the Fitzgerald had no transponder track, as well as accounts of sailors who were having difficulty navigating in the area.

GPS Jamming?

Airborne Jamming?

US military tests massive GPS jamming weapon over California

Joe Jamming?

I am sure my peers in the AU Australian Signals Directorate ("ASD"), UK Government Communications Headquarters ("GCHQ") and US Central Intelligence...

Additionally the Fitzgerald should have given the right of way to the ACX Crystal which it did not do either – perhaps it was unable to do so?

Firstly the transponder being off for a military vessel is not significant. However the apparent lack of navigation and/or communications is an extremely interesting issue. Secondly it could have been dead in the water when ACX Crystal hit it.

A Communications Disruption Could Mean Only One Thing – INVASION

“The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) arrived in Subic Bay for a brief port call that highlights the strong community and military connections between the Philippines and the United States, April 1.”

USS Fitzgerald arrives in Subic Bay for port visit

SUBIC BAY, Philippines - The Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) arrived in Subic Bay for a brief port call....

So for two days there were maintenance crew onboard and perhaps some stowaways as well? It would not be difficult to sabotage the gas turbines!

Arleigh Burke-class Guided Missile Destroyer

The Fitzgerald was fitted with the AEGIS Combat System, designed by Lockheed Martin:-


I of course have had dealings with guys from Martin Marietta in the early 1990s, the previous name of Lockheed Martin:-


I will be able to validate the following when I am next in Hong Kong SAR 🙂 , but for the moment the USS Donald Cook (DDG 75) which is also an Arleigh Burke-class destroyer appears to have been incapacitated by a Russian directed energy weapon known as Khibiny:-

Veterans Today article

So if AEGIS has been rolled out among NATO allies, and the system can be compromised, then this is an extremely serious problem! This would be an excellent reason for the Navy to lie and act all dense!

Back to the Collision of the USS Fitzgerald

It would seem that communications were disabled or jammed, and my theory is that the Fitzgerald was either running slowly or dead in the water, and the ACX Crystal was informed where the Fitzgerald would be.

Given the theft of military intelligence in February 2017 as referred to above, collateralisation of the data would facilitate financing for this type of terrorist attack. As referenced ISIS have infiltrated the Philippines and the Fitzgerald itself stopped in Subic, Philippines which is public knowledge.

The Plot Thickens

A sailor onboard the USS Shiloh (CG 67), which incredibly was also operating in the Philippine Sea at the same time as the Fitzgerald, had gone missing on 08 June 2017. He was presumed to have fallen overboard, only to be found to be hiding in the engine room:-

It is interesting that Peter Mims was a Gas Turbine Systems Technician (Mechanical) 3rd Class and he was the second sailor to have ‘fallen overboard’ in recent months.

So who was providing this technician with food and water whilst he was hiding? Were there others like him on other ships? Was there a saboteur onboard the Fitzgerald itself? I think yes!

Terrorism at Sea

I just find all these events which conveniently assist each other as if there were a predetermined goal, too coincidental, and in fact their combination is statistically improbable.

As such my theory based solely on the accounts of third parties (as opposed to my own evidence) would suggest that this was an act of terrorism, firstly to incapacitate the Fitzgerald and then secondly to have it rammed by a containership 4 times its size.

And how did they know about the Fitzgerald’s movements ahead of ramming? Well the exfiltration of data from Mueller (as referenced at the start of my article) who was the ‘theatre security co-operation planner’ suggests that Terrorists probably have the Theatre Security Co-operation Strategy in their back pockets!

Driving a containership into a destroyer is an interesting extension of driving a vehicle into pedestrians as we have seen recently in various European countries.

In one sense it is nice to see Filipinos take up careers outside the call center… But extrapolate the exfiltration of data and ISIS in the region and this situation extremely dangerous…


The case continues…



Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

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