WLG and Melbourne Fraudsters Linked to Destruction of Evidence

By 2 September 2016DATA EXFILTRATION

WLG and Melbourne Fraudsters Linked to Destruction of Evidence (±x)

Published on 2nd September 2016


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In December 2014 I was the victim of a theft of data and destruction of evidentiary materials from my apartment, by a Sri Lankan named JV Lasantha Priyadarshana (“JVLP”), directly following the visit of Edward de Saram (“EDS”). Various USB drives were stolen, paperwork, as well as DVDs and Blu-rays.

By January 2015 I had imaged the SSD from the laptop that JVLP had been using and it was clear that he had obtained unauthorised access to various devices in the days before he left. Most interestingly it was data relating to Margaret Cunniffe (“MTC”) / David Brown (“DAB”) / Simon Thompson (“SVBT”) / Ian Slater (“ICS”) / McDonald Slater & Lay (“MSL”), parties in Australia who continually pervert the course of justice by their bad faith antics, injurious falsehoods, perjurious affidavits, diversionary tactics, and whom we are suing or in which cases litigation is pending.

It was obvious that JVLP had neither the brains nor the balls to mastermind this on his own, and his subsequent self-serving e-mails were written by a native English speaker rather than a local who had learned English. In fact it was Margaret Cunniffe’s style, and her signature themes do get tiring after a while and pop up everywhere.

On 11 January 2015 I sent JVLP an e-mail containing a number of links, one of which was a secret url that no-one outside Rhodium knew about. Within Rhodium only three people knew of this and were all instructed not to visit the secret url.

The secret url was designed to exclusively track the flow of information. Since no-one outside Rhodium knew about it our systems could simply monitor the url to ascertain who was involved (a little like the dust we have used to track locations people have visited).

The Melbourne Fraudsters

As if by magic, MTC DAB accessed the secret URL less than three hours later, using a VPN service from HideMyAss which obfuscated their IP address. I knew it was them because of monitoring their visits to our sites during the preceding years, and using metadata/traffic analysis.

I later recovered evidence that showed that DAB’s HideMyAss account was linked to his [email protected] account.


After their visit I queried our logs and ascertained WLG had visited other sites on 13 January 2015, around five times from memory.

I then traced them back to 08 January 2015

as well as from around 23 October 2014 onward:-

I already had evidence of SVBT taking trains around the UK in early Autumn 2014!

Spoliation of Evidence

Destruction of Evidence in my legal proceedings is a signature theme associated with MSL/MTC/DAB and we brought a case against the latter’s company Synergize Consulting Pty Ltd (before Rhodium acquired it) and obtained a WA DC 2462 judgement in 2014 to the sum of around AUD 730,000 in our favour.

Unfortunately I had serious heart problems during 2015 and could not proceed with instructions at that point.

The Plot Thickens (thick being the operative word 🙂

However from September 2015 onward, I noticed that a number of hard-copy documents relating to WLG/MSL/Augusta Ventures (“AV”)/Jason Edwards (“JGE”)/Rita Pal (“RP”)/Ahlers/Harry Elias (“HE”) plus their Sri Lankan counterparts, were also going missing.

I was involved in a Staged Accident (my neck was broken, and I had dislocated cervical vertebrae which were pressing on my spinal cord) on 22 October 2015 and was out of the house for around six days.

During that time the Sri Lankan workers Chamaree Silva (“CS”) and KSA Perera (“KP”) were in residence. I returned to find my house rewired (ground had been removed as an example) and more items missing, this time DVDs and further data; plus wireless cameras and mics had been installed.

I also noticed new items that I had never seen before and volumes of documents which had been printed by an inkjet printer and also double-sided to save money. I always use laser printers and don’t care about saving trees, so they were not mine.

Then I found that the WLG evidence for their site visits in Autumn 2014 and January 2015 onward was missing from our usual systems – that was so strange.

I decided to provide varying amounts of disinformation to the workers and it was clear that CS was the main perpetrator, and person on the ground. Because my neck was damaged (I had no upper-body strength) I had to sit quiet for a couple of months but I found more and more items going missing every night. It was clear that they were being removed, checked with a third party, and being returned a day or so later, though sometimes not at all.

Ray Callingham (“RMC”) came to visit me at the end of November 2015 and I noticed an apparent connection he had to CS, despite them never having met before, to my knowledge. CS had arranged my tax returns for RMC without either myself or RMC saying a word, as well as asset structures and mortgage statements.

When I exposed RMC and sent him packing, CS started crying saying ‘what are we going to do now?’. I have never seen that type of behaviour from a woman when an accountant had left, but presumably he had promised a better life for her son in the UK as a freebie, and mentioned this to her when he took her to the kitchen out of sight.

In any event, I was quite concerned about my data and our evidence. By some miracle I managed to locate the WLG/AV files on another backup network attached storage device and stored them on a separate portable hard disk and DVDs offline.

Daddy’s Dirty Deeds

Edward de Saram (“EDS”) turned up around the beginning of December 2015 after RMC had left and he was carrying on the bizarre RMC/CS behaviour. EDS wanted to know where evidence was and where case files were and I lost my temper because of his gaslighting antics and trying to kill my cat. His behaviour was getting out of hand and on 17 December 2015 he decided to brutally assault me and put into a mental facility, entirely unlawfully.

Nurses there were asking me odd questions, such as ‘do you think there are too many people living in Birmingham?’ and ‘you don’t like Indians and Muslim people do you?’ – I agreed as part of disinformation, though I was wondering ‘why the obsession with Birmingham?’.

I have a brown face and am obviously Asian – what’s wrong with being Asian? I am proud of being Asian but I dislike ultracrepidarianism whatever a person’s skin colour. Everyone knows that I am a Catholic who is also Pro-Muslim (and Pro-Jewish), and I find Indians intelligent and hardworking, in the UK and US at least.

However I pretended to the contrary and saw the questioner’s eyes light up, which gave the game away. This is known as duping delight.

[insert video]

It seemed that I was put into a mental facility to be interviewed as well! It was easier for me to give people disinformation and see where it reappeared, because I can make a case against me collapse by the reliance of third parties upon things I have previously stated.

One Flew OUT of the Cuckoo’s Nest

After getting a lawyer and Armed Police to get me out a few days later, I returned to the strong smell of burnt paperwork in my house, and accounting documentation and data devices were physically missing – not this again, I thought!

I immediately looked for the WLG/AV/MSL/HE/MTC/DAB evidentiary material – it was missing AGAIN! But this time around ten terabytes of schematics, technology patents, tax avoidance data (not tax evasion), a Windows font of my handwriting called GeniusJ and a One-Time Pad were missing from storage systems!

I then decided to try and locate the files on other devices, by scanning the drive surfaces to see if I could locate files that had been deleted, which I could potentially recover, and also non-current areas.

File Recovery

I spent 20 hours per day for the following 250 days looking for the actual evidence of the WLG site visit in particular, because that demonstrated a direct link to theft of data and destruction of evidence, and obviously was the trigger which started all this nonsense.

Yesterday, after 5000 hours of searching I obtained the evidence that WLG had in fact accessed the secret url, at 11:12 on 13 January 2015. BOOYAH!

[insert evidence]


It doesn’t matter about intermediaries, agents and parties who try to obfuscate the ‘handling of stolen materials’, or act as ‘accessories after the fact’. It doesn’t matter about layers/lawyers that have been put into position afterwards so parties can distance themselves from the source.

Legal Position

The Law Society states:-

6.4.5 Crime/fraud exception

LPP protects advice you give to a client on avoiding committing a crime [Bullivant v Att-Gen of Victoria [1901]AC 196] or warning them that proposed actions could attract prosecution [Butler v Board of Trade [1971] Ch 680]. LPP does not extend to documents which themselves form part of a criminal or fraudulent act, or communications which take place in order to obtain advice with the intention of carrying out an offence [R v Cox & Railton (1884) 14 QBD 153]. It is irrelevant whether or not you are aware that you are being used for that purpose [Banque Keyser Ullman v Skandia [1986] 1 Lloyds Rep 336].

Intention of furthering a criminal purpose

It is not just your client’s intention which is relevant for the purpose of ascertaining whether information was communicated for the furtherance of a criminal purpose. It is also sufficient that a third party intends the lawyer/client communication to be made with that purpose (e.g. where the innocent client is being used by a third party) [R v Central Criminal Court ex p Francis & Francis [1989] 1 AC 346].

Rhodium’s Revenge

I would like ALL my data back IMMEDIATELY, with full and frank disclosure as to how WLG obtained the url, and any and all parties that they are advising or are communicating with in relation to anything to do with me and/or Rhodium – this includes Government Departments, Military Intelligence and Law Enforcement in any jurisdiction.

I was entirely correct about the Lawyer’s Constructs, Fabrication and Planting of Evidence, Fake Probable Cause, Destruction of Data, Deficient Chain of Custody, Injurious Falsehoods, Tortious Interference, and most importantly, the Destruction of my own Evidence that I would use to defend myself against issues in any jurisdiction, civil and/or criminal.

Given the continual destruction of specific evidence involving WLG/Augusta Ventures/McDonald Slater & Lay/Harry Elias/Margaret Cunniffe/David Brown/Simon Vincent Breguet Thompson) in Sri Lanka, plus foolish references to Birmingham by all and sundry, and every attempt under the sun to make me look like I have no money and am just ripping people off through having no ability in areas of Information Security etc, it is obvious who is actually linked to the intellectual property theft and destruction of my evidence.

By way of information MSL is the law firm representing MTC and DAB in various cases that we have in Australia. Ian Slater, principal of MSL produced a perjurious affidavit stating that the Share Capital of Rhodium Australia Pty Ltd was bogus. I think Simon Thompson and his brother/cousin/namesake work for MSL and reside in Lower Plenty, Victoria. I think this screenshot relates to the traffic ahead of their visit to Eltham Police Complex 🙂

[insert evidence]

We have traffic analysis that confirms that data is coordinated from there and stored on various servers (or a VPN) involving those of RedStation in the UK.

[insert evidence]

Simon Thompson works for Augusta Ventures, apparently in UK/AU at the same time. AV is a litigation funder.

[insert evidence]

Harry Elias is the Singapore Law firm that is defending ANZ Bank against my USD 11.5 million damages counterclaim for fraudulent rate manipulation and income loss due to ANZ’s fraud and/or negligence. Harry Elias also represent Ahlers, against whom we have another multi-million dollar claim for holding various items belonging to me and attempting to convert them criminally. Ahlers were holding valuable information in relation to unregistered technology patents from 2013 that no doubt have now been compromised.

David Brown obtained a judgement against me fraudulently using an inchoate agreement (that he also confirmed in writing as ‘null and void’) and with his bogus interest calculation.

And Wragge is the lawyer that the DTI were using to bring a case against me in relation to I Love My Encryption Technology PLC (formerly Rhodium PLC) which entered insolvent liquidation thanks to the nonsense from NCIS/MI5/HMRC in 2000.

And everyone knows about that liar Margaret Cunniffe!!

So they ALL had an axe to grind, and of course Means, Motive and Opportunity – I live on my own in Sri Lanka (since 2013) and have had numerous heart attacks and I suffer from coronary artery ectasia, which is why I was slow at organising payments. It was a simple Human Resources deficit and compounded by people stealing my stuff! These clowns made it accounting fraud!

Actually this situation is just laughable, as ‘the multi-jurisdictional, multi-faceted wild goose chase has been utterly pointless’, simply because of various immunity agreements that have been in place from 1993. Plus. the nature of my work creates its own defences in any event! If someone had simply ASKED me then all this could have been avoided.

By way of information I lost more money than all the other creditors combined when Rhodium PLC went into liquidation, and that was caused by external factors, not me – very unusual reasons in fact relating to a Money Laundering Project I was assisting government contractors with.

[insert evidence]

As soon as I am given an opportunity to present my material and affidavits, cases against me will collapse, even if some ‘inclusionary principle’ allows deliberately-tainted, fraudulent evidence with a deficient chain of custody, to be admitted.

WLG have 7 days to deliver before my own case against them starts and we are obviously involving West Midlands Police and the Serious Fraud Office immediately!

In view of the foregoing and crime/fraud exception, please feel free to send us any/all information received in connection with me/Rhodium, as it will save me having to get them via a Court Order 🙂



Information Security Architect / Intelligence Analyst / Computer Scientist / Human Rights Activist / COMSEC / SIGINT / TSCM

PS Email should be up and running next week!